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Absolute masterpiece

By alberto | Comments: 0 | 7 November 2017

This is CONCETTO FORMALE  !  The only limit is your fantasy.

A masterpiece with a personalized design that encloses thousands of secrets like a tattoo drawn on the skin. Inside the is the adventure of Indiana Jones’ cap, Istanbul and its minarets, the memory of time and thousands of secrets with outstanding details. In the center a magnificent ruby of 12-carat oval cut. On the side a bright VVs1 diamond like a rising sun on the mosque. We like to help our valuable customers realize their dreams and live the thrill of buying something unique and unforgettable. If you also want to make your own ultra-personalized ring please visit the CUSTOM PRIVATE section, send us the picture or drawing of what you want by following the directions and your wish will come true.This is CONCETTO FORMALE ! The only limit is your fantasy


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