Custom Corporate

Creating your personal jewel or jewelery line with the logo of your team, association, or group is simple. Just follow these 4 easy steps





Welcome to CUSTOM CORPORATE Area ! This area is dedicated to companies, sports teams, associations and in general any group which wish to create a jewel or a line of products in full exclusivity using their own logo for their fans or members.
If you wish to develop a gift line for your customers, a commemorative ring to celebrate a special event of your team or produce jewelry with your logo is fast and now does not require any minimum quantity. Just send us the contact form below with an image of your logo attached. We will be glad to show you our skills to satisfy your requests.

Send us a message using our CONTACT FORM  with your request or send us a mail to Please attach  an image or file with your logo or the draft design of the jewel  you wish to make. Example:

Our staff will reply to your mail and will provide you in short time a  DETAILED QUOTATION. In the quotation will be clearly detailed both the PROJECT COST and the PRODUCTION COST .  In case you wish to place order for more than 1 piece with same design of course we can provide a detailed quotation according to the quantity required ( 1 pc , from 2 to 5 pcs, from 6 to 10 pcs, from 11 to 20 pcs etc..). Increasing the qty of items ordered , the unit cost will decrease accordingly.

Approvato il preventivo da parte vostra, vi invieremo la conferma d’ordine e potrete quindi procedere al pagamento dell’importo come da preventivo.  Nel caso in cui l’ importo totale dell’ordine risulti superiore a Fr. 2.500,– è richiesto il pagamento anticipato del 30% dell’ammontare e il saldo prima della spedizione finale.

If quotation is confirmed ,  you just have to send us a reply by mail and we will immediately send our ORDER CONFIRMATION with  our bank details so that  you can proceed with advanced payment of  30% of the total amount  in order to confirm your order.  Please note that for CUSTOM ITEMS the only payment method accepted is  bank transfer – no credit card.

Note: In case of production of items in quantity, it is always advisable to carry out a trial jewel in order to verify the quality and then proceed with serial production. The cost of the first piece will therefore include design costs, which will no longer be charged on the next series products.


The cost depends from several factors: complexity of design, number of image or writing you want to put on it, presence of gem stone or not, material required ( silver or gold). Generally speaking price start from 250 / 300 Euro for a silver ring with simple image, logo or writing. The price is intended all inclusive : both project and the jewel in silver. In order to inquire and get a detailed quotation please send us the CONTACT FORM and attach file of your logo, image and all details. We will soon provide you a detailed quotation without any commitment of purchase.
By increasing quantity the unit price of each item will go down. The PROJECT COST is a fixed cost ( no matter how many items you will order) that will be split on each item your will order. With QUOTATION we will clearly specify in detail the PROJECT COST and PRODUCTION COST ( cost of jewellery item in silver or gold) therefore increasing the quantity ordered the unit cost of each item will cost less because project cost will be split not only on 1 pc but on a bigger quantity ( 2, 3…10).
As explained 30% advanced payment is required to start implementation of 3D project and receive the relative renderings. In case you decide to stop after this first step we will reimburse you the amount you paid deducted of the PROJECT COST. You can decide later if to proceed with process or just stop it.
You will received virtual render within 7 / 10 working days after that 30% advance payment of the order has been received by us. Time to prepare project depends on complexity of design. After approval of rendering and payment of balance 70% of the order, are required approx 3 weeks for production. For big orders ( more than 20 pcs) are required 4 / 5 weeks. You will be followed step by step by our staff and updated constantly by mail about status of your order.
Our staff can communicate in English, Italian and French language.
Our jewels will be designed in 3D using the last and most advanced software of 3D modelling in jewellery by a team of skilled designers with deep experience. What you see with rendering is what you will receive. Production will be made with technique of loose-wax and handcrafted . Rings are made in solid silver or closed with a back cover in case they are in gold. Back of rings is never hollow. Structure of whole jewels is tested and solid. Thickness is never thin and structure is never fragile or weak. Stones are set by hand not by glue. Jewels produced are subjected to a strict QC (quality control) during different production steps. Jewels can be produced in Sterling Silver 925, Gold ( 18 Kt; 14 Kt; 8 Kt) and other non precious metals ( bronze, brass etc...). Quality of good and customer’s satisfaction are our main priority.
Yes. Each project developed with logo or design of our customer belong to the customer and cannot be produced without owner’s authorization. After production process is finished the customer can require by mail , together with the jewellery items, to receive also his file with his 3D project.
Technically speaking yes, but some logo are protected by exclusive copyrights. We reserve on our side the possibility to decline orders with logo which is protected by international copyrights.