«With every day and from both sides of my intelligence, the moral and intellectual, I thus drew steadily to that truth by whose partial discovery I have been doomed to such a dreadful shipwreck: that man is not truly one, but truly two.»

Robert Louis Stevenson , 1886  Strange case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

CONCETTO FORMALE  is a new, innovative and revolutionary  concept in luxury field. All collections are designed for contemporary man and are addressed to his “hidden soul.” The stylistic research ranges from clean and sharp lines to more extreme fashion rock design. Common feature of each jewel is to be born by the expert hands of a man, for a man. These are jewels to be lived, not only to be worn.

For centuries pharaohs, kings, artists and  knights wore jewellery same as contemporary rock stars, sport stars do nowadays. The ring in particular has represented and still represent a clear symbol of identity and belonging to a group. Today as before CONCETTO FORMALE creates its own men’s jewellery and furthermore follow the client through the customization of his own jewel. A unique, ultra-customized  and inimitable piece designed and produced 100% in exclusivity only for you,  like a unique tattoo designed on your skin.   The design and modelling are performed by our highly qualified and skilled technical staff using both the most advanced and innovative 3D design techniques and the traditional art of hand modelling, depending on the case. The material used in our collections is sterling silver 925 and upon specific  request it is possible to order in 18kt gold, 14 Kt gold.  From October 2015 CONCETTO FORMALE opened its showroom in Corso Elvezia 10 in Lugano, Switzerland. Here you can always view our collections and design your own custom jewellery. We will be glad to satisfy any request you have !