All our jewels are made entirely by hand in a traditional way by our master goldsmiths, paying the utmost attention to details. The production of each item starts only upon receipt of the order. As manufacturers we do not have any jewel in our stock ready for shipment but production will be made according to “just in time” method. This is the why reason we kindly require about 3 weeks for the production and shipment. The result is to get a unique jewel just  produced for his owner. If you are interested about a jewel of this collection you can click directly on the image and you will be addressed to our shop on line area where you can check all technical characteristics and price. Thank you.



This collection has been inspired by the famous gargoyles of the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris. Along the "gallery of the chimeras" of the cathedral are in fact recognizable drippings in the form of demons and monstrous animals. Despite the apparently disquieting forms these little monsters play the noble task of protectors of the cathedral. The jewels of our collection, freely inspired by them, are rich of details that make them truly unique and inimitable. Like their illustrious colleagues, these gargoyles will have the task of protection against their masters.

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“The skull is the celebration of something difficult to accept, that you do not want to look at. Something that now, however, everyone wants to see for the magic of beauty”
Damien Hirst

This is an unmissable collection dedicated to one of our most favourite subjects, the skull. Elegance and details for this collection. Items are modeled by hand or alternatively designed with 3D cad technology. The style ranges from the realistic to modern. Enamel, hand set stones, with back covers (not hollow) like a real high end jewel. A right blend of design, art and rock style.

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”They are not afraid of us, they are afraid of what we represent for them: freedom"
Easy Rider

Bikers collection is dedicated to those who love motorcycles and freedom. Unique jewels designed with care and refined details; the collection is composed of rings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants and earrings. Some models of rings also have writings that can be customized just for you, so as to become a truly unique object : your name, a quote ... whatever you want. Total freedom! To customize your biker ring ask us how to do and price by sending an email to

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"Fashion is for everybody, style is for some, elegance is for a few " H.Bogart

Our classic collection stands out for its clean and sharp lines of classical inspiration re-shaped in urban style for contemporary man. The mix of elegance and uniqueness is its main characteristic. The engravings of the handmade textures and the natural stones also make it unique and original.

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"There is no iron that can pierce the heart with more force than a point put in the right place" Isaak Babel

A classic of urban jewelry. This collection is shows different shapes of rings, pendant and bracelet and can be worn both with trendy casual and classic dress. A combination of uniqueness, originality and comfort for a contemporary urban style.

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The desert, the cracks of the sun-burnt land and bones along the dusty road. This is the mood we breathe when wearing a jewel from our desert line. Entirely modeled by the hands of our goldsmiths and cared to provide maximum quality.

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"My God is Rock 'n' roll" Lou Reed

Studs and cusps: this is the mood of our collection dedicated to rock. A spirited but at the same time elegant line designed for men, but also appreciated by women. All the parts of the chains are entirely made and assembled by hand, without the aid of machines to guarantee the absolute craftsmanship. For us “art is rock” and we always put our deepest passion designing these jewels.

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Wood, natural horn and enamels combined with silver for this collection which evokes the exotic atmospheres of Gauguin's paintings and distant hints of the East. Necklaces with small pendants to wear as amulets, the little finger rings enamelled entirely by hand and painted as unique and inimitable paintings. Textures and designs that remind rocks, bark and earth can also be worn on the same finger (stackable) to create your style in complete freedom.

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“Why do I love animals ? Because I am one of them”
Alda Merini

The line consists of small works of art and is developed starting from cheaper lines until reaching models of the highest quality. The collection develops through various design and some special design like dragon require hours only for assembling by hand the 6 parts welded together ... a piece of rare workmanship for connoisseurs entirely hand modelled.

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The cabochon cut is a type of cut without facets, through which you get a shape with the convex top and the flat base. A very old cut used centuries passed to make the rings of princes, kings and knights. The rings of the line are made of natural hard stones which can be either embedded on tips or simply glued. The oval shape of the ring is reminiscent of ancient fashion and is fully lined inside for maximum comfort. The texture of the chiselling is inspired by medieval atmospheres. The result is a mix between modernity and tradition dedicated to metropolitan knights and their bridesmaids

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Irony and fun are the mood of this simply irresistible line dedicated to Halloween . The details of the internal glazing of the silver pumpkins and the meticulous details make it even more precious and unique.

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This jewels of this collection are examples of the highest craftsmanship. Rings composed of 6 parts assembled, engraved by hand and with inner linings for maximum comfort. Natural blue sapphires set in the eyes and details of hand-painted enamels. Small works of art on your finger: elegant and unique.

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A collection of innovative jewels with a captivating design as real authentic works of art. Rings with secrets designed like tattoos , stones, hand setting, back covers and high details. In our glam collection our passion for jewelry becomes fashion, tradition blends with innovation and craftsmanship alternates with technology always with deep respect of elegance and art.

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